Hélène Karcher is Managing Vice-President at LASER Analytica. She develops and coordinates the company offer in modeling and simulation and heads a global team of project managers, modelers and statisticians (economic modeling & predictive analytics groups). She also leads consulting projects from contracting to final delivery and is responsible for client accounts.

Dr. Hélène Karcher has 14 years of experience in quantitative methods applied to impact decisions in health care – as an academic, a drug developer and a consultant. Hélène has hands-on and direct project experience with the whole drug development process – from drug discovery, pre-clinical and clinical development to market access and reimbursement. Her modeling work similarly spans a wide range, from systems biology and differential equation modeling to longitudinal mixed-effects models and Bayesian statistics.

Hélène acts as an advisory board member for Lixoft, a statistics and modeling software company headquartered in Paris, and for the academic-industry program on Disease and Therapeutic Response Modeling Program at Indiana University School of Medicine. While located in the USA, she was also on the advisory board of The Mathworks and advised on the development of their Life Sciences applications for the Matlab software. She has taught various science and drug development classes at MIT and Olin College (USA), University of Basel (Switzerland) and CNAM (France).

Hélène holds a physics & engineering degree from Ecole Polytechnique, France and a PhD in systems biology from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA.

Prior to joining LASER, Hélène contributed to the creation and expansion of the Novartis Modeling & Simulation group in the USA and in Switzerland. She received for this work the 2011 Pierre Faurre award for significant, innovative contributions to science and its translation in industry. During her 6 years at Novartis, Hélène also acted as scientific expert and project manager for the preclinical and clinical development of 14 new compounds in multiple indications.