Quality Assurance

Quality Management services from LA-SER CORE increase your chances for obtaining quality data and a positive outcome of the audit by regulatory agencies. LA-SER CORE takes a personal, interactive and global approach to quality management.

LA-SER CORE provides a dedicated Quality Management department staffed with qualified professionals. Quality systems implemented at LA-SER CORE ensure the quality, integrity, and accuracy of data for each clinical study undertaken at Laser Core.

LA-SER COREĀ  takes a global approach to quality management by recognizing the need for global compliance to any given program.

The LA-SER COREĀ  QM department is the owner of the following processes:

  • Management of the LA-SER CORE Quality Systems Documents
  • Conduct and reporting of QA audits
  • Investigator training in hosting and management of inspections by the regulatory agencies
  • Hosting of regulatory authorities inspections of LA-SER CORE and Laser Core-managed trial sites, including local sponsor representation
  • Information Security compliance

Quality Assurance is an essential stage in your observational clinical study or chart reviewapproval. Contact LA-SER CORE today to find out how our Quality Assurance department could improve your outcomes.