LASER C.R.O. (Cohorts, Registries & Operations)

LASER C.R.O. is the CRO of the Laser Alpha group, specialized in observational studies. It provides 2 types of services:

  • Registries and Cohorts studies (directly to clients)
  • Operations for other LAG teams requiring collection of data from physicians and/or patients

Cohorts & Registries

LASER C.R.O. teams have an in-depth experience in the collection of information for observational studies such as disease and drug registries and more  advanced cohort designs (single arm cohorts, multiple arm cohorts, cohorts with dynamic exposure, rare or infrequent disease registries).

Resources for Clinical Epidemiology Operations

LASER C.R.O. provides resources for various types of observational studies:

  • Clinical epidemiology research assistants and technicians (‘’epi CRA’’) at all levels (regional, local, technical)
  • Project managers and central monitors expert in observational research
  • Patient and physician interview services (methodologies, tools and trained partner call centres)
  • Chart reviews
  • Clinical data management

Access to advanced expertise

LASER C.R.O. has privileged access to the methodological resources and tools of its sister company (LASER ANALYTICA) within the Laser Alpha Group, notably in pharmacoepidemiology, health economics, PROMs, advanced data management and statistical analysis.

A pioneer in the collection of data for the most advanced observational designs

Such studies have been conducted for both internal and external clients in various contexts:

  • Comparative/Relative Effectiveness of medicines and health technologies
  • Relative risk and continuous benefit-risk of pharmaceuticals
  • Impact of medicines and health technologies on health systems

Operational teams in Europe & North America

Although a small company, LASER C.R.O. offers the unique advantage of having operational teams in numerous countries and a worldwide experience in observational research.

Worldwide experience

LASER C.R.O. has undertaken observational studies and projects in numerous European countries: France, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Nordic countries, Portugal, Belgium, Czech Republic, Hungary, others. Its staff has experience in conducting studies in Asia and Africa. The international leadership is located in France, while the direction of clinical operations is based in Spain (Madrid). Permanent teams are located in Europe’s  ‘Big 5’ and Canada/US. Thanks to the support of well selected partners, LASER C.R.O. has conducted registry studies in more than 25 countries.

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