Investment Strategies For Real Life Success

Evaluation of Investment Strategies for Real Life Success (the financial valuation framework)

R&D investment decisions represent the largest amount of risk taken by developers and investors. They involve large costs, substantial risks of failure, and high uncertainty around the value potential of the program. In addition, these decisions require the assessment and integration of multiple dimensions (e.g., scientific, medical, commercial, financial), which can make it a real challenge to identify the most attractive development option that will deliver the highest value in the real-world at a reasonable cost and risk. LASER provides high quality due diligence and strategic investment recommendations, based on distinctive real-world insights. We compare and prioritize investment options based on financial metrics of value and risk derived from real-world findings around:

  • the disease significance and adjusted patient stratification,
  • the predicted relative effectiveness of the intervention(s) in real-life,
  • the evaluation of the price and reimbursement potential of the program(s).