Our workshop on “Bridging from efficacy to effectiveness” was accepted for presentation on March 17th 2015 at the annual German Health Economics conference DGGÖ.

LASER Analytica’ Senior Consultant Helene Karcher will run the session on 17 March 2015, 8.40-10am, and introduce the concept of “bridging studies”, that aim at bridging the gap between pre-launch trials and real-life effectiveness of pharmaceuticals, by combining targeted real-world data collection to predictive modeling. Case examples will be shared in asthma and schizophrenia.

To view the full abstract:  DGGÖ_2015_Vortrag_Bridging_to_effectiveness

For more information on the DGGÖ: http://file.dggoe.de/jahrestagung_2015/Flyer_dggoe_Jahrestagung_2015.pdf